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Advantages of Goats for Land Management


Goats are a natural alternative to harmful herbicides and pesticides.

Goats eat 25% of their body weight each day which makes them very efficient when used to clear land.

Goats help to restore soil health by:

Eliminating unwanted vegetation ?When a goat eats the vegetation they eat the flower heads so the plant does not have a chance to re-seed. Once they eat the leaves of the vegetation it cannot photosynthesize and build a root system.

They provide fertilizer, which returns nutrients to the soils.

goats hoof aerate the silk while working their fertilizer right into the soil.


Our Spanish Goats are the focus of Silk Tree Farm’s Caprine Organic Land Management because they are extremely hearty and amazing foragers. When hiring us to bringing these animals to various areas in need of organic land management you are also giving us the opportunity to acquire and breed these goats in an effort to preserve this wonderful heritage breed.



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