Currently our pastured laying hens are a cross between A hybrid cross between a White Rock egg-layer type female and a Rhode Island Red male.
Currently we are raising Freedom Rangers for our Broilers
Freedom Ranger chicks are hatched on a family farm in Lancaster County, PA.  Their breeding stock is imported from Burgundy and Brittany France, derived from an American and European heritage breed that was developed in the early 1960s to meet the high standards of the French Label Rouge Free Range program. They are a slower growing bird than the cornish cross breeds. They are active chickens which trive  pasture environments and produce tender, succulent meat with more yellow omega 3 fat and less saturated fat than fast growing breeds.


Our passion and focus on Heritage breeds has led us to begin raising Red Dorkings and Black Jersey Giants. Our hope is to soley raise these breeds for both eggs and meat in the future. They will be providing us and our customers with pastured eggs and meat Spring of 2015. We purchase our chicks from Sand Hill Preservation Center in Iowa. We  plan breed these chickens and try hatching out our own chicks next Spring. Pictures coming soon!