Black Jersey Giants

These stunning birds with black feathers that have a beautiful green sheen are a wonderful breed. They are typically have a calm disposition and are a perfect choice for raising a dual purpose heritage breed chicken. The Jersey Giants are great foragers and a very hearty breed.

The advantage to raising them for a meat breed is due to their impressive size with mature roosters weighing about 13 pounds and mature hens weighing about 10 pounds making them the largest purebred chicken breed. They are a slower growing bird but are an excellent roasting bird when fully mature. The Jersey Giant chicken is recognized by Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste.

They are also good egg layers. They lay large to extra large brown eggs even through the cold winter months.

Black Jersey Giant Chickens are listed on the watch list with The Livestock Conservancy. We raise and sell these chickens and all that they produce in hopes to help preserve the breed. When you purchase these chickens or the products they produce you are also helping to save this breed!

We currently have available:

  hatching eggs

Fertile Hatching Eggs ~ $4.00 per egg


Chicks ~ $10 per chick

Our hens also provide us and our customers with delicious pasture raised eggs with rich dark orange yokes.

We hope to have roasters for sale in the fall of 2015.