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Red Wattle Hogs are named for their golden-red to dark-red shade and prominent wattles hanging from their necks. The breed was derived from large red wattle hogs found in eastern Texas in 1970’s by Mr H.C. Wengler, a long line of breeding has brought us the pigs as their known today. This breed is now listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. Red Watttle Hogs are hardy with a natural instinct to forage. At Silk Tree Farm, we are dedicated to pasture-raising these hogs and strengthening the quality of the Red Wattle population. They are wonderful mothers. Like all our animals, our pigs live a good, natural life, free to root and sunbath.


Spring 2014 we started our journey with a pure bred Red Wattle Gilt, Winona Wattle (Winnie). We plan to acquire a registered boar fall of 2014.


Early 2015 Silk Tree Farm will begin selling Pastured Red Wattle Pork.   Far superior in taste and texture, tender and juicy meat with a rich, full-bodied flavor will be brought from our farm to your table.