In the Spring of 2014 we acquired our starter herd of Spanish Goats from The Swiss Village Foundation located in Newport Rhode Island. In the Spring of 2015 we purchased six more does from them. We chose this Heritage Spanish breed in hopes to help preserve them. We also feel they will support our efforts to become sustainable by providing us with milk, meat, fiber, and fertilizer. They have also become the focus of our Caprine Organic Land Management Services


Brought to the Americas in the 1500s, Spanish goats are a hardy breed that have survived and thrived, despitehundreds of years of focus on sheep and cow meat. Receiving little attention, even as other strains of European goats became popular for their milk, hair, and meat, the Spanish goats survived via natural selection with minimal to no human management. They can feed on brush and brambles, while other animals require grass, and they adapt well to varied climates. As they were increasingly bred with the highly popular novel Boer goats, the purebreds are now a conservation priority for the Spanish Goat Association and are on the watch list with the Livestock Concervacy. ??Here at Silk Tree Farm, we are devoted to raising purebred Spanish Meat Goats on our open pasture to serve robust, tasty, nature-made meals to our community.


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